Visit Ylöjärvi: Nature and outdoors

Nature and the outdoors


Ylöjärvi offers a host of opportunities for outdoor recreation and sports. The number one destination is Seitseminen National Park. If you want to stay closer to the town centre, head for the Ylöjärvenharju Esker. The best-known destination on the esker is Pikku-Ahvenisto and its nature trail. You can set off on your own or with a local wilderness guide. For a slightly different outdoor experience, visit the Tree Mountain in Pinsiö.




Ylöjärvi has 13 beaches that are maintained by the town. Most of them have changing rooms and toilets.

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Räikkä beach – a beautiful summer spot in the heart of Ylöjärvi (in Finnish):

Indoor swimming pool

If wild swimming doesn’t appeal to you – be it summer or winter – you can always dive in the warm waters of the indoor swimming pool. Renovated completely in 2014, the facility offers two 25-metre lanes, a cold plunge pool, children’s teaching and paddling pool, and a slide.

Address: Koulutie 6, 33470 Ylöjärvi
Phone: +358 40 133 1482
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Ylöjärvellä voit käydä uimassa uimarannalla tai uimahallissa
Ylöjärvellä voit käydä uimassa uimarannalla tai uimahallissa


Näsijärvi Lake Trail is a trail tailored for all cyclists. Plan your own cycling holiday using the Lake Trail website. Hop on your bike and enjoy the magnificent views, local cuisine, culture, the serenity of nature and an unhurried pace.

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Pyöräilyä Ylöjärvellä


Nature trails in Seitseminen

On the national park’s four nature trails, you can learn more about the characteristic features of the area.

  • Runokangas (2 km) starts from the Nature Centre. Along the trail, you will find seven poems (in Finnish) engraved in Kuru granite.
  • Jäätikköpolku (1.5 km) runs along the Seitsemisharju Esker.
  • Aarnipolku (2 km) introduces you to the wonders of an old-growth forest.
  • Saari-Soljanen (2 km) tells you about Finnish mires.

Address: Seitsemisentie 110, 34530 Länsi-Aure
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Nature trail in Pikku-Ahvenisto

The nature trail of Pikku-Ahvenisto is located by Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. The trail is 1.5 km long and goes round the lake. The campfire site/lean-to shelter along the trail can be freely used. Please note that vipers have been sighted in the area. The viper is Finland’s only venomous snake.

Address: Pikku-Ahvenistontie 64

Trees nature trail

The Trees nature trail features information boards about 14 species of trees growing in Finland. The boards also tell you about how these species have been used in different times for purposes such as combatting climate change. The trail is four kilometres long, and you can walk it in about an hour. We encourage you to come by bike or on foot, as there is only limited space for parking on Viljakkalantie Road.

Address: Viljakkalantie 144, 33480 Ylöjärvi

Seitsemisen kansallispuistossa on neljä luontopolkua
Pikku-Ahveniston juhlatalo


Tiitiäisen metsä

A forest located right next to the Pikku-Ahvenisto area. The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and publishing company WSOY founded this protection area in honour of author Kirsi Kunnas in 2020. Tiitiäisen metsä is filled with spruces, pines and aspens stretching high into the sky. There are enormous anthills, moss-covered rocks, plenty of decayed trees and winding paths that are easy to follow. You should leave your car at the Pikku-Ahvenisto car park at the eastern end of the lake. Please remember to always follow the paths so as not to damage the sensitive ecosystem.

Address: Pikku-Ahvenistontie 64, Ylöjärvi
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Mikko Saarelan muistometsä

A forest protected in memory of Mikko Saarela (1958–2019), a founding member of the Eppu Normaali band, located a few kilometres northeast of the town centre on the Mastosvuori hill north of the Asuntila region. The forests of Ylöjärvi were the landscape of Saarela’s youth and hiking was close to his heart. The protected area is located in a peaceful place on the eastern shore of Lake Mastosjärvi, partly round another protected area established before it. The terrain varies from rocks to depressions and small valleys found between them. The area is very scenic and has a diverse array of tree species. Some parts of the forest have virgin pine stands, and in lush depressions there are also older spruces, aspens and birches.

Location: See the location on MapSite
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Visit Ylöjärvi - See & Do - Nature & Outdoors: Other Nature Destinations. Tiitiäisen metsä.


Jylhänkoski waterfall

Jylhänkoski is a small, refreshing waterfall sight, located in the area of Kuru village in Ylöjärvi municipality. The waterfall flows in the middle of a dense forest inside a small “gorge”, where the Kettuoja River falls down a rocky cliff. The name of this three metre high cascade is derived from the nearby Jylhä estate. This spot might be hard to find, so make sure to check the location beforehand from the link below!

How to get there: Löyttyjärventie 814, Kuru (Ylöjärvi). Walking about 350 meters, partly very unclear pathway.
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Haavisto fitness trail

The Haavisto fitness trail is located close to the town centre in the residential area of Haavisto. Paha-Kauranen, a protected mire area, can also be found there. The 4-km-long, illuminated trail runs right next to the Natura site.

How to get there: From the centre of Ylöjärvi, drive 1 km along Road 65 towards Kuru, turn left to Lähdevainiontie, drive about 500 m and turn right to a car park after a playing field.

Hiking in Seitseminen and along the Pirkan Taival Trail

There are wonderful, marked nature trails in Seitseminen National Park, with information boards, resting spots and sights along the trails. The most demanding nature lovers will find great trails in the wilderness of Haukkamaa. Read more about the trails in Seitseminen.

Pirkan Taival is a regional hiking trail marked with red signs. It crosses the wilderness in Virrat, Ruovesi and Kuru, and is connected to th Helvetinjärvi and  Seitseminen National Parks.

Ylöjärvenharju Esker

The most important outdoor recreation area in Ylöjärvi is Ylöjärvenharju, an esker in the southern part of the town running in an east-west direction. The area has a ski trail in winter and a hiking trail in summer. There is a total of 20 km of illuminated fitness routes, as well as unlit routes.


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