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Haveri Gold Mine

The area of the former Haveri Gold Mine offers many activities and sights for you to enjoy. The mine was opened in the 18th century, and a mine tower and large, rocky open pit can still be seen in the area. Closed in the 1960s, the mine has since filled with water. There are several restaurants in the area as well as companies providing accommodation services. The Haveri Gold Mine is also a great diving destination.

Europe’s only gold mine

Haveri was known as an iron ore mine as early as the 18th century. The Haveri Gold Mine employed an average of 150 workers, and in its heyday, it produced around 300 kg of gold and 180 tonnes of copper concentrate per year. Haveri was the only mine in Europe whose main product was gold. The mine was closed down on 30 December 1960 – but not because the gold ran out! Haveri is best known for the gold and silver medals of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Things to see and do

The historical gold mine area with its mine tower and rocky open pit – which is 85 metres deep and 125 metres wide – is an impressive sight.

There are also several companies operating in the area. Examples of the offering include more than 30 holiday cabins, a restaurant, mini golf, equipment rental and a multi-purpose court for playing tennis, badminton, street basketball and floorball. The magnificent beach has an outdoor gym and a beach volleyball court, and the Pirkan Taival hiking trail passes right by.

A popular diving destination

The water-filled open pit is a major Finnish diving destination. The depth at the bottom is nearly 70 metres. Winter diving is also possible. Diving in the mine is highly demanding, and accidents have also taken place there over the years. This is one reason why the area is completely fenced, and access is only granted to diving associations. More information on diving in Haveri: (in Finnish).

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Address: Haverintie, Viljakkala (Ylöjärvi)
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