Näe & Koe Ylöjärvi pyöräillen

Cycle in Ylöjärvi

Ylöjärvi is a great place for cycling. Travelling by bike offers nothing but benefits: it’s good for the climate, you get to admire the landscape from a different perspective compared to a car, you’ll improve your physical condition and, most importantly, it will make you feel great. Choose quiet countryside roads to avoid the noise of traffic. If you take lakeside routes, you can admire fantastic scenery. Or how about combining cycling and a boat trip? Go to the Järvien reitit website, where you can find lots of useful information for planning your trip.


Näsi Lake Trail has been tailored for cyclists to help them plan their trips. The trail encourages cyclists of all levels to mount their bikes and enjoy local views and offerings. Route suggestions and services selected with cyclists in mind (restaurants and accommodation) will help you plan your own custom cycling holiday. With a little imagination, travelling by bike can be so much more than pedalling feverishly and sweating in a helmet!

Visit www.jarvienreitti.fi/en to plan your cycling holiday. Come and enjoy the views, local food, culture, nature, peace and quiet, and unhurried travel along Näsi Lake Trail!

Read more: jarvienreitti.fi/en/nasi-lake-trail

The Näsi Lake Trail has been created with the support of rural development funding by the Council of Tampere Region. The project participants include the municipalities of Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Virrat and Mänttä-Vilppula, as well as businesses.

Näe & Koe Ylöjärvi pyöräillen – Pyöräretkeilijä Ylöjärven Karhella
Visit Ylöjärvi - Näe & Koe Ylöjärvi pyöräillen – pyöräilyä maaseudulla


A towel and swimsuit, charger, rain gear… What should you pack for your bike trip? Should you go on a short ride or visit Seitseminen National Park along the way? Check out our tips and get inspired by the Järvein reitit Trail Blog: jarvienreitti.fi/en/trail-blog.

Näe & Koe Ylöjärvi pyöräillen – Pyöräretkeilijä Ylöjärven Karhella


Want to take your bike on a boat? No problem! Combining cycling and a boat trip is definitely the most memorable way to travel. That way, you can venture on a longer trip even if you’re less experienced. Inland boats sell Bike & Boat tickets that allow you to bring your bike onboard.

In Ylöjärvi, you can step onboard at Pimeesalmi Harbour, from where M/S Intti and M/S Nottbeck operate to Mustalahti Harbour in Tampere. You can also cycle all the way to the Murole Canal in Ruovesi, from where you can continue your journey on 110-year-old S/S Tarjanne.

See boat routes, schedules and tickets (in Finnish):

MS Intti and M/S Nottbeck: www.laivaan.fi/boat-and-bike
S/S Tarjanne: www.tarjannelaiva.fi/bikeandboat

Visit Ylöjärvi - Näe & Koe Ylöjärvi pyöräillen – pyörällä laivaan, bike and boat


With the free Ylöjärvi Retkelle map, hikers and cyclists can find new local nature destinations.  In addition to nature and culture destinations, the map features historical places as well as canoeing routes, campfire and camping sites, and mooring and landing spots.

Visit Ylöjärvi: Ylöjärvi retkelle


The City of Tampere’s website has cycling maps for the Tampere region.



Pakomatkat is a Tampere-based bike rental service. You can have a bike delivered to an address of your choice, including any address in Ylöjärvi. The company also offers guided bike trips (even large groups are welcome). Read more: www.pakomatkat.fi