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Did you know that Finland’s only Museum of Refrigeration can be found in Ylöjärvi? In Kuru, you can visit the past in an open air museum. Ylöjärvi also prides itself on impressive pieces of land art that you don’t want to miss.



Ylöjärvi Local History Museum

The museum comprises 11 buildings, the oldest of which dates back to the 18th century. There is a large number of artefacts, such as old tools, on display. The museum is open in summer, and activities are organised for both children and adults.

Address: Hietastentie 4, Ylöjärvi
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Visist Ylöjärvi: Ylöjärven museo

Kuru Open Air Museum and Ensign Stål’s cabin

Kuru Open Air Museum is open in summer. Its main attraction is Ensign Stål’s cabin, where Finland’s national poet J. L. Runeberg was inspired by the tales of Ensign Polviander.

Address: Poikeluksentie 60, Kuru
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Visit Ylöjärvi: Kurun ulkoilmamuseo

Finnish Museum of Refrigeration

The only one of its kind in Finland – and the only museum in Europe that explores the subject so thoroughly!

Address: Härkilevontie 77, 33480 Ylöjärvi
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Visit Ylöjärvi: Suomen jäähdytystekniikan museo

Pölkkylä museum-villa

Located in Länsi-Teisko, Pölkkylä is a privately owned museum/villa. Designed in 1899 by Birger Federley and Lars Sonc, Pölkkylä represents Finnish national romantic era and karelianism at its best. The museum is open only for groups during the summer.

Address: Niementie 140, 34180 Länsi-Teisko
Phone: +358 50 543 9325




The Strata network advances world-class art projects in Finland, specialising in land and environmental art. Strata was born in the mid-1980s in the village of Pinsiö. Over the years, a variety of people and organisations – such as the Ministry of the Environment, art museums, local decision-makers, artists, ecologists and companies – have contributed to the activities.

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Agnes Denes: Tree Mountain – a living time capsule

Initiated in 1982, Tree Mountain is an environmental art project designed to increase humanity’s commitment to securing ecological, social and cultural well-being.

Tree Mountain is elliptical in shape, 420 metres long, 270 metres wide and 28 metres high. It includes more than 10,000 pine trees planted according to a mathematical formula which is a combination of the golden section and a pineapple pattern. Each of the trees is dedicated to someone. The artwork was designed by the internationally renowned artist Agnes Denes and inaugurated on 14 June 1996.

Besides being environmental art, Tree Mountain aims to restore the environment in harmony with nature. The main idea was to landscape a former gravel pit, but Tree Mountain also contributes to the formation of clean groundwater. Tree Mountain will remain a protected area for centuries.

Address: Pinsiönkankaantie 100, Pinsiö
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Visit Ylöjärvi: Puuvuori
Visit Ylöjärvi: Puuvuori perustuu matemaattiseen kaavaan

Nancy Holt: Up and Under

Up and Under by the pioneering American land artist Nancy Holt was completed in the village of Pinsiö in 1998, two years after Tree Mountain. The objective was to claim a former sand quarry as art. Holt designed Up and Under while taking into consideration the movement of light and shadows, and, in particular, the relationship between the Earth and celestial bodies and their movements.

You can examine the colossal artwork at ground level, from inside the tunnels, from the top and by watching the reflections in the three circular pools. In order to best experience Up and Under in its entirety, you should walk to a vantage point built up on the cliff.

Up and Under can also serve as a venue for events such as parties, theatre performances and lectures.

Eugenie Tsai, the curator of Whitney Museum, has said that Up and Under might just be Nancy Holt’s best work.

Address: Sasintie 555, Pinsiö
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Visit Ylöjärvi: Yltä ja alta
Visit Ylöjärvi: Yltä ja alta
Visit Ylöjärvi: Yltä ja alta -maataideteosta voit ihastella yläviistosta nuotiopaikalta

Erik van Hoorn: Bowl & Kuhilas

Bowl & Kuhilas is an environmental artwork built in two roundabouts. Dutch artist Erik van Hoorn uses a method of guiding nature to grow in the way he wants it to grow. Birch trees (Betula pendula) have been ‘directed to grow’ in two different ways: Bowl towards a bowl form and Kuhilas towards a pointed pyramid form.

The artwork should be finished in 2030, when the trees have reached their full height. ‘Growth takes time and it requires patience and forbearance from the spectator. But the audience must trust that nature will take care of the future direction,’ says Erik van Hoorn.

Address: Tampereentie 210 and 2, Hämeenkyrö
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Visit Ylöjärvi: Malja ja kuhilas
Visit Ylöjärvi: Malja ja kuhilas


Kimmo Schroderus: Alamökki

The sculpture Alamökki (“The Lower Hut”) was revealed in 2018. It was mounted to honor the long career of Finnish rock band Eppu Normaali. The band is originally from Ylöjärvi.

The idea for the sculpture is from the original little studio – their first studio was in a little hut in the country side of Ylöjärvi. You can actually see the wall of the hut in the sculpture.

Address: Kuruntie 14, 33470 Ylöjärvi

Visit Ylöjärvi: Eppu Normaali sculpture "Alamökki"