Pengonpohjan rukoushuone on yksi Ylöjärven hienoista kirkollisista rakennuksista.

Churches and prayer rooms

Ylöjärvi has four churches: in the town centre, Kuru, Viljakkala and Itä-Aure. There are also two prayer rooms: in Pengonpohja and Länsi-Teisko. Ylöjärvi Church and Kuru Church are so-called roadside churches which are open to visitors in summer.

Ylöjärvi Church

Ylöjärvi Church was completed in 1850. Built in the neo-classical style, the church has since undergone a number of repairs and restorations. The latest renovation was carried out between 1996 and 1997. The church is open to visitors in summer.

Address: Kirkkotanhuantie 1, 33470 Ylöjärvi
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Viljakkala Church

Designed by C. L. Engel, Viljakkala Church was built between 1840 and 1842. The interior of the church and the organs were restored in 1989, and the exterior was repainted in 1993.  The church is renowned for its excellent acoustics.

Address: Kirkkokuja 14, 39310 Viljakkala
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Kuru Church

The wooden church was built in 1781 and designed by Matti Åkerblom.

Address: Kirkkotie 1, 34300 Kuru
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Aurejärvi Church

Aurejärvi Church was designed by architect Oiva Kallio and consecrated by Jaakko Gummerus, the Bishop of Tampere, in the summer of 1924.

Address: Itä-Aureentie 1020, 34550 Itä-Aure
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Pengonpohja prayer room

The construction of the Pengonpohja prayer room began in 1893 and was completed in 1898. The work was done by volunteers.  The prayer room has an altarpiece by Anna Sahlsten.

Address: Korpulantie 203, 34150 Kyrönlahti
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Länsi-Teisko prayer room

A belfry was built in Länsi-Teisko in 1928. The locals also wanted a church of their own, but since there was not enough money, a prayer room was built instead. The design was conceived by Martti Peltomaa, and the prayer room was consecrated in the autumn of 1966. (Its belfry is in the picture.)

Address: Lato-Valkamantie 9, 34180 Länsi-Teisko
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