Ylöjärvellä on paljon näkemistä ja kokemista!

Plenty to see and do in Ylöjärvi

Seitseminen National Park, Haveri Gold Mine area, museums, churches, land art… Whether you’re interested in nature and the outdoors, adventure and activities, harness racing, horseback riding or boating, Ylöjärvi has it all!

Seitseminen National Park

Seitseminen National Park is a wonderful place for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Marked trails will help you discover old-growth forests, mires and eskers. Kovero Crown Tenant Farm is also worth a visit to learn about life on the farm in olden days. Read more

Seitsemisen kansallispuisto

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

You can find a real local natural environmental gem in Ylöjärvi, close to Soppeenmäki, the center of Ylöjärvi. Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail is located next to Lake Pikku-Ahvenisto in the esker area of Ylöjärvi. Going round the lake, the trail is easy to walk and only 1.5 km long, so even families with children can do it in a couple of hours. Read more

Pikku-Ahvenisto Nature Trail

Haveri Gold Mine

The area of the former Haveri Gold Mine offers many activities and sights for you to enjoy. The mine was opened in the 18th century, and a mine tower and large, rocky open pit can still be seen in the area. Closed in the 1960s, the mine has since filled with water. There are also several restaurants in the area as well as companies providing accommodation services. Read more

Haverin kultakaivos

Nature and the outdoors

In addition to Seitseminen National Park, Ylöjärvi offers many other places for outdoor recreation and sports. If you want to stay closer to the town centre, head for the Ylöjärvenharju Esker. There are also several beaches as well as an indoor swimming pool. If you’re into biking, the Näsijärvi Lake Trail will take you through some lovely scenery. Read more

Liikuntaa ja ulkoilua Ylöjärvellä

Fishing and boating

Ylöjärvi’s nature is dotted with numerous lakes. On the eastern boundary, you’ll find Lake Näsijärvi, in the west Lake Kyrösjärvi with its large open waters, and in the north Lake Aurejärvi. These and dozens of smaller lakes attract fishermen, boaters and swimmers. Read more

Kalastusta ja veneilyä Ylöjärvellä

Churches and prayer rooms

Ylöjärvi has four churches: in the town centre, Kuru, Viljakkala and Itä-Aure. There are also two prayer rooms: in Pengonpohja and Länsi-Teisko. Ylöjärvi Church and Kuru Church are so-called roadside churches which are open to visitors in summer. Read more

Kirkot ja rukoushuoneet Ylöjärvellä

Adventure and activities

Adventures of all kinds await you in Ylöjärvi: play discgolf or minigolf, try cable wakeboarding or hiking trips with a nature witch… Are you up to the challenge?  Read more

Seikkailuja ja elämyksiä Ylöjärvellä

Other attractions

Museums, land art and what not. Read more

Muut nähtävyydet Ylöjärvellä